Sunday, March 31, 2013

Lich King, Possessor, etc - 3/30/13 at Sergio's Place, Silver Spring, MD

The Otep show ended so early (9:30!) that we decided to head to this thrash show in S's hometown. It was in a little hole-in-the-wall El Salvadorean restaurant; the chairs and tables had been moved to the side and some speakers set up in the corner. There were about 50 people there when we got there, most of them looking very metal. It was my first time at an underground metal show, and it was pretty exciting, although I had gotten pretty tired on the drive from Springfield and didn't really have enough energy to enjoy it properly.

Maybe because I got extremely tired later, I enjoyed Possessor's set more. Their singer looked very 80's in a leather jacket with a big shoulder-guard and shoulder length wavy hair, and they had an 80's thrash sound with racing guitars, persistent drums and shouted vocals with the occasional wail. The crowd was pretty active, and I wondered that no one crashed into the band since the crowd was practically on top of them. I think the band was on a slightly raised platform, but the singer and one or two of the guitarists stepped off it right into the front of the crowd; the singer even directed or practically got into the pit a couple times.

I took a nap in a chair, and then just after midnight, Lich King came on. They seem to be a bit of a joke band, with songs about how black metal sucks and about Game of Thrones, webcomics, movies and the like. I couldn't really get into them - maybe I was just tired, or maybe it really was that their riffs are kind of repetitive and uninteresting, and the high pitched shouted vocals not to my liking. Also, since I couldn't tell what they were saying, the humor was lost on me. I was pretty relieved when they finished up, just because it meant we could go home and sleep.

Next concert: Ripper Owens on 4/6!

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